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Day Planner: A visually powerful sales tool to help you plan your day

Explore Boxfusion's Sales Team Day Planner, a powerful visual tool helping Oracle Sales Cloud users save time and better plan their day.

Recently one of our Sales Cloud customers asked us to create a report to help their sales users better manage their workload from within Sales Cloud. This blog looks at a solution we provided for them as well as how we achieved it.

The requirement was to create a tool which users could use to view Opportunity, Lead and Activity records that required attention without having to rely on calendars and notebooks, as well as enable them to see different types of records in the same place within the Sales Cloud environment.

The Day Planner is built in Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI), the real-time Analytics engine that comes as standard with Oracle Sales Cloud. We’ve embedded the Day Planner into Sales Cloud’s Simplified UI (a user-friendly and intuitive user interface being rolled out across Oracle’s CX Cloud portfolio).

The Day Planner was developed with a view of giving users a single source for identifying and managing their workload, but also an enhanced user experience.

You can see how sales users use the report in the video below:

Now that you have seen the tool in action, you can read details about how we achieved this in another blog post here.

A summary of the benefits of the Day Planner: #

  • The report uses real-time data

OTBI doesn't rely on a data warehouse and the database is queried when users access the report, so users can rely on the report to display up-to-date data.

  • The report is easy to maintain and modify

The 'drag and drop' interface makes it very easy for the customer to make small modifications after we delivered the report.

  • The report is visually powerful

We’ve included some of the visual aspects of Sales Cloud’s simplified UI to keep the report’s display consistent with what the users are used to.

  • The report brings an improved user experience

By embedding the report into Sales Cloud’s Simplified UI, users can easily view the report and make changes to their records without leaving the application.

  • Users spend less time searching

The report gives the users the information they need, when they need it. Users can spend less time working out what they should be working on and then less time searching for the records they need to update.

  • Users gain multi-device access

Sales Cloud is built using Oracle Alta; a design system built with a responsive mobile-first approach. Users can access the Simplified UI on a tablet and get the same experience they’d encounter when accessing from a laptop or desktop browser. There is also the possibility to embed reports in the Mobile Application of Sales Cloud, providing the same powerful tool to sales users on the road.

Summary #

The Day Planner gives users a multi-device, effortless view of their Opportunity, Lead and Activity records that require their attention from within Oracle Sales Cloud. The report was built to enable users to action their items quicker, and reduce the amount of time spent searching for records in the application.

Ask our experts #

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