Customer Self Service Hub

Automated Support- Anytime, Anywhere, Any way

Our focus on User Experience (UX) – both for customers and service agents – delivers reduced customer churn and lower operating costs. Our solution provides self-service excellence and service automation, via the channel of the customer's choosing, coupled with an enhanced agent experience.

Self Service Solution Boxfusion Consulting

The Self Service Hub complements existing technology and improves the customer experience by offering customers new ways to engage with brands via the most engaging portals, with conversational chatbots and AI-driven knowledgebase. Integrated back-office data support provides real-time notifications, personalised responses and a true single customer view.

Features #

  • Search  Knowledge Base

    Advanced Knowledgebase #

    Give your audience the choice to solve their problems quickly and accurately with a range of content types (Articles, Videos, forums etc.), discoverable via powerful search algorithms available across many channels.

  • Conversational Chat

    Conversational Interactions #

    Automate customer enquiry responses with an integrated conversational chatbot that represents your brand persona and brings added flexibility for Customer Service operations responding to peak pressures.

  • Transfer Traffic

    Seamless bot transfer to service agents #

    Smooth handover of complex customer queries from the chatbot to the agent with the correct skills - handled within a common interface no matter the customer channel (e.g. Web Chat, Messenger apps and Social Media DMs).

  • Intuitive Portal Design

    Intuitive Portal Design #

    Boxfusion's User Experience team ensure customers have a seamless and engaging experience on your support portal, on desktop and mobile. We deliver enhanced customer satisfaction throughout the digital service journey.

  • Triage Traffic

    Digital triage #

    Easy and rapid to deploy digital triage module which enables businesses to automate online triage processes to direct customers quickly to the right content and channel for their enquiry.

  • Language

    Multi-Language Support #

    Your customers are diverse, your service shouldn’t be any different. Native provision is available across all common languages for the full-service solution.

Evolving to an Intelligent Customer Service Experience

E Book Intelligent Customer Service Experience

Benefits #

  • Satisfaction Like

    Improved Customer Satisfaction #

    Our UX design process hones the portal and self-service experience for quick issue resolution, meaning happier customers

  • Efficiency Fast

    Increased Efficiency #

    We've enabled businesses to deflect up to 75% of level-one queries allowing service teams to focus on complex queries

  • Drop Reduction

    Reduced cost-to-serve #

    More self-service, fewer calls/emails, results in big savings in operational costs

  • Information Data Siloed

    Remove data siloes #

    Bring real-time back office data to agents' and customers' fingertips - for improved CSAT scores

  • Rapid Fast

    Reduced agent training and onboarding times #

    Help your agents work faster and more efficiently, bringing further operational cost savings

“The reason we chose Oracle is really because of the integration. The chatbot is now handling 40% of contacts and, to be honest, we have never dreamt of getting such an impressive rate so early! It’s a good customer experience!”

Craig Boothe, Head of Enterprise Apps, Evri (Previously Hermes)

Is your business Self Service ready? #

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