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CX Cloud, Siebel CRM / October 01, 2018

Boxfusion are delighted to launch our new brand identity!

A little over eight years ago, when Boxfusion Consulting was first founded, our offer was relatively straightforward...

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Upcoming Event: Oct 22, 2018

CX Cloud, Siebel CRM

Oracle Openworld 2018

Boxfusion will once again be attending Oracle’s annual OpenWorld conference this year!

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CX Cloud / October 11, 2018

The Prince's Trust: Revitalising a leading youth charity’s digital experience

The Prince’s Trust helps 11 to 30 year-olds who are unemployed or struggling at school to transform their lives. With over 1,100 staff and around 9,000 volunteers, they supported over 56,000 young people across the UK in 2017.

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CX Cloud

Digitizing HR: How to step up the employee experience with AI & HR Helpdesk

Employees today live a distracted lifestyle with social media and instant messaging taking over day-to-day life. Disengaged employees undermine the productivity of a workforce, which is why enhancing the employee experience is a priority for...

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