Front & Back Office Unification

Unify business functions, Uncover hidden insights, Improve Decision Making

Data has very low value if it’s sitting in multiple disconnected siloes. We help leading brands unify and integrate front and back-office data to offer Marketing, Sales and Customer Service teams a 360-degree enterprise data view to personalise decisions, decrease customer churn and drive sustainable growth.

Front And Back Office Boxfusion

Data Unification with Boxfusion #

Businesses rely heavily on data to deliver effective processes, personalised insights and the best customer experience. If systems do not have access to data across departments it greatly limits their operational agility. It’s essential that systems across organisations are optimised to ensure the constant flow of data and deliver maximum value to the boardroom and to customers.

Boxfusion Consulting understands the complexity inherent with connecting front and back office systems and we offer the strategic and technical expertise to ensure your data works hard for you. We have a track record of unifying Oracle CX with both Oracle, and non-Oracle, finance, supply chain, HR and procurement systems.

Cross Pillar Possibilities #

  • Intuitive Portal Design

    Unified Enterprise View #

    We integrate and organise front and back office data together within an intuitive user interface. The rich data views keep the combined front and back office information at operational teams’ fingertips from across customer profile, financial records, order history and more.

  • Intelligent

    Enriched Intelligent Data #

    Use data enrichment tools in combination with the powerful data quality toolset to dramatically improve data insights for better prospecting, validation and insights. This brings revenue growth through improved sales performance and conversions with hyper-personalised campaigns.

  • Time Clock Accurate

    Make Timely Decisions #

    Spend less time waiting for data insights from systems and departments and more time on strategic initiatives. The single source of truth provides the ability to quickly uncover hidden insights and make well-informed decisions.

  • Integration Automation Process

    Remove Integration Complexity #

    Boxfusion helps organisations by evaluating existing processes, capabilities and data structures, before designing strategic integration solutions that provide a platform for choreographing experiences across the front and back office.

  • Intuitive Portal Design

    Redwood User Interface #

    Powered by user-centred design thinking, the intuitive Oracle Redwood UI framework brings user experience consistency to front and back office functions.

    We're experts with the Redwood framework, helping businesses on Oracle Fusion, to take advantage of Redwood's exciting capabilities.

  • Customisation Tweaks

    Industry-specific Solutions #

    Every industry has its unique set of challenges and goals. Taking a joined-up approach to data and processes across the front and back office provides the flexibility needed to build bespoke and unique customer experiences.

Speed to Market #

Whatever the goals behind your investment, the pace and accuracy with which your implementation is completed is critical, as this means your savings and CX improvements begin sooner - we have a track record of delivery at least 25% faster than our competitors.

Rapid Speed To Market Animation

The Impact #

  • Information Data Siloed

    Improved Data Quality #

    Boxfusion implement strategic integration solutions that remove data silos to reduce duplication and data inconsistencies.

  • Idea Innovation

    Better Decision Making #

    Enriched and more accurate data from new sources helps teams focus on the right areas.

  • Efficiency Fast

    Faster User Adoption #

    With data all in one place, user training and adoption is easier and faster leading to more effective performance.

  • Report Growth

    Rapid Customer Onboarding #

    Speed onboarding of new customers by seamlessly automating front and back office processes.

  • Versatile Agile

    Cross-Functional Consistency #

    The single platform unifies business functions ensuring consistent and accurate processes and workflows.

What our clients say! #

Abcam’s digital programme sought both to enable Finance and Sales teams to be more efficient and to get rapid access to their data and associated insights. We engaged Boxfusion to manage what was a complex project, bringing together front and back office technology and they delivered on time and accelerated our processes. Their team were fantastic to work with, operating like an extension of the Abcam team, clearly focussed on our project ambitions.

Ashley Rhodes, Director of Data Management, Abcam

Ready to start? #

Let us help you bridge data gaps with cross-functional unification.