A team with a passion to make businesses work better with technology.

We have grown to become a trusted industry specialist, recognised for a team boasting the leading experts in CX Cloud and Siebel.

Our consultants are determined to be the best in the field, which is why we're constantly striving to feed our curiosity for new technology and industry-thinking.

A culture that breeds success

  • Passion

    Passion for how new technology can help businesses is central to the culture at Boxfusion. After all, it’s what drives us. Boxfusion employees take pride in their ambition to make their clients' businesses work more efficiently and better serve their customers.

  • Diversity

    The Boxfusion team is a fine example of the strength of diversity. Our consultants stem from many different backgrounds, and bring a wealth of unique skills and perspectives to the company.

  • Openness

    We believe in collaboration. Our three annual conferences provide an ideal setting for the generation of ideas, where we provide a platform for our employees to share their technical knowledge and concepts with their colleagues.

  • Sociality

    The nature of consultancy means that our team members are often spread across diverse locations. That’s why we make a point of organising regular social gatherings, making it easy for colleagues to stay in touch.

Get an insight into the lives of our consultants

Alex Sensier headshot

Alex Sensier

Principal Consultant

Andrea Richardson headshot

Andrea Richardson

Senior Principal CX Consultant

Sérgio Valerio headshot

Sérgio Valerio

Principal Consultant

Jake Patterson headshot

Jake Patterson

Principal Consultant

Silvia Bujor headshot

Silvia Bujor

Senior CX Cloud Consultant

Daniel Blair headshot

Daniel Blair

Senior CX Cloud Consultant