Oracle Intelligent Advisor

Empower Customers - Guide Agents - Automate Decisions

Boxfusion help businesses get the most from Oracle Intelligent Advisor - ensuring the tool helps customers with personalised self-service advice, guides agents to provide consistent and personalised service, and integrates intelligent decision-making into processes for accuracy, automation and compliance purposes.

Oracle Intelligent Advisor Boxfusion Consulting

What is Oracle Intelligent Advisor? #

Delivering accurate round-the-clock service advice to customers and employees is challenging, especially when operating in an industry with complex regulations and policies. Inconsistent service advice not only frustrates audiences but also exposes businesses to compliance and financial risk. One critical component that can assist with overcoming this challenge is Oracle Intelligent Advisor (OIA), previously Oracle Policy Automation (OPA).

Oracle’s Intelligent Advisor product is a decision-making platform that automates personalised advice and accurate decisions for customers and employees with contextual online forms. Used correctly, the platform enables businesses in all industries to define complex logic and automate advice with rules written in natural language.

Implementation and Support #

Boxfusion are experts at seamlessly integrating Oracle Intelligent Advisor within enterprise CX solutions. We offer clients services that cover strategy & design, customised assets, training and support - all the time taking care to apply best practices in User-Centric Design (UCD).

Our consulting services navigate businesses through the options and best practices to deliver increased self-service and personalised advice, while also improving compliance and reducing risk within business functions.

Features #

  • Automated Process

    Automated Advice #

    Audiences needs quick and accurate answers; OIA enables them to troubleshoot their own queries using intelligent forms and via chat or chatbots. Boxfusion helps businesses deliver advice as per the user’s circumstances.

  • Blue Icons 300Px 2

    Agent Support #

    Boxfusion optimise OIA to execute complex calculations within service workflows to accelerate decision making and reduce escalations. OIA enforces compliance and enables agents to provide accurate advice every time.

  • Advanced Knowledge Base

    Decision Transparency #

    Built-in reporting capability, helps audiences understand the reasons behind a particular decision or outcome. Transparent recording ensures company compliance and saves end-users time by providing details in real-time for self-service.

  • Customised Intuitive Design

    Customised Styling #

    Crafting engaging web and mobile experiences is Boxfusion's strength. We help our clients personalise the appearance and behaviour of OIA processes, to offer interactions and an engaging user experience that your audience will enjoy.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Natural Language Authoring #

    The OIA platform gives business users the power to configure advice and manage rules - by defining rules and policies in natural language. Boxfusion helps businesses to benefit from the collaboration and strategic opportunities this provides.

  • Team Support

    Training and Support #

    Boxfusion helps businesses achieving long-term results and success with the OIA platform. We ensure businesses leverage the power of the easy to maintain rules engine, through our expert training and support, which drives self-sufficiency.

Benefits #

  • Efficiency Fast

    Agent Efficiency #

    Reduce case numbers and solve queries without staff intervention.

  • Drop Reduction

    Reduced Service Cost #

    Save money and time with reliable deflection from agent contact.

  • Accurate On Target

    Greater Accuracy #

    Ensure decision compliance with automated policy alignment.

  • Rapid Fast

    Rapid Deployments #

    React quickly to change and launch without lengthy development cycles

  • Always On Convert

    24x7 Self Service #

    Solve customer queries any time, with automated step-by-step guidance

  • Satisfaction Like

    Increased Satisfaction #

    Delight the audience with quick and personalised self-service

What our clients say #

Boxfusion have had success implementing Oracle Intelligent Advisor in a wide-range of settings - both customer-facing solutions and also for internal employee-facing solutions, such as with Capita in 2020.

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Boxfusion team; together we have modernised our HR employee portal and re-launched it on time, on budget and without stress."

Hannah Vockins, Operations Director, Capita

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