Oracle Visual Builder App Extensions for CX

Build low code cloud-native applications with VBCS

Boxfusion uses the Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) platform to enrich CX solutions for customers by leveraging the platform's agility, security and multichannel capabilities.

An innovative, low-code development platform. #

Visual Builder enables innovation and the opportunity to rapidly create user-friendly, secure, web and mobile applications. VBCS draws from Oracle’s enterprise engineering features to offer developers and UX designers an unprecedented capability to design dynamic applications (web and mobile) that standalone - or extend to existing SaaS solutions.

Visual Builder Features #

  • Agile Quick

    Agile #

    Speed to market for your business is at the product's core - you can customise and extend your application capabilities with browser-based drag and drop elements and pre-built templates.

  • Cloud Secure

    Secure #

    Utilise Oracle’s complete hosting of your apps, with a choice of a built-in database or "BYO", with all Oracle’s cloud security expertise included.

  • Lock Safe Accessible

    Accessible #

    Extend your Oracle Cloud Applications with quick and easy access to their business objects - and leverage the same users and roles for single sign-on access.

  • Versatile Extent

    Versatile #

    A unified platform with the ability to define customised data objects and pull from multiple sources.

  • Multi Channel

    Multichannel #

    Create cloud-native applications that can be published instantly and accessed on any device, anytime.

The Boxfusion Approach #

Realise the potential of Visual Builder apps #

1: Define #

Taking the initial brief, at the outset we engage business stakeholders and end-users to validate the desired solution and define success indicators, detailed objectives and critical goals.

2: Discover #

We work with our customers to research, analyse, and establish the user groups and processes/tasks, utilising UX assessments, web analytics, user research and creative workshops, as required.

3: Design #

Through a series of iterations with our customers, we use various proven interactive approaches to capture feedback, produce wireframes and mockups, gather feedback - and then further iterate - to finalise the design.

4: Create #

This is where all the magic happens! Our team implements the design, we playback progress to user groups and refine navigation flows to ensure maximum business value and alignment to the defined success criteria.

5: Deliver #

The moment of truth: our solutions are deployed, end-to-end integrated tests occur and we make adjustments based on user feedback and learnings.

6: Support #

After launch, we want to make the most of our customers' investment, helping them develop internal best practices, as well as providing the training, advice and ongoing support needed to ensure future success!

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