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Automate Personalised Service Experiences at Scale

Boxfusion use the Oracle Digital Assistant's feature-rich platform to enable AI-powered chatbots, conversational interfaces, and integration across the Enterprise.

Oracle Digital Assitant Boxfusion Chatbots

The Oracle Digital Assistant architecture provides a single Digital Assistant as the customer or employee’s entry point to a collection of conversational digital service skills. But with such a powerful platform, with so much potential capability, the trick is to get the most from it - and this is where Boxfusion comes in.

Boxfusion provides the capability and expertise in the three key roles required to harness the huge power of the Digital Assistant platform in the Enterprise space.

  • Conversational Design - the design, copywriting and user experience
  • Business Analysis - training the NLP, analytics and user insights
  • Development and integration - Answer intents, skills development and javascript for back-end integration

Features #

  • Conversational Chat

    Conversational Platform #

    Boxfusion can help you take advantage of the platform’s multi-channel capabilities with popular messaging services (e.g. webchat, Whatsapp, Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Slack and Alexa) - we help you deliver a tailored channel experience.

  • Data_Inisghts_Analytics

    Chatbot Analytics #

    Boxfusion have created a template for automating the extraction, transformation and load of chatbot data for use in existing reporting tools. We provide a suite of dashboards that bring this data to life providing rich insights and tracking of critical KPIs.

  • Customisation Tweaks

    Advance Customisation #

    Start your journey with pre-built skill templates from Oracle and Boxfusion. We then help businesses achieve the maximum benefits from the platform by integrating the back office into the Digital Assistant front-office experience.

  • Transfer Traffic

    Bot-Agent Transfer #

    Seamless support for a handover from chatbot to a human agent when the customer needs it, with full interaction history passed through to the agent for speedier query resolution and a personalised experience.

  • Intelligent

    Intelligent Engagement #

    Advanced NLP with multi-language support, helps understand user intent and offers solutions and content at every step of their journey.

  • Security Safe Compliance

    Security and Compliance #

    Oracle’s Digital Assistant platform offers multi-layered cloud security, adhering to global data privacy standards, so we can help you deliver stress-free customer service.

Chatbot Benefits #

  • Rapid Fast

    Rapid deployment #

    Fast Track your time to market and with our proven templates, conversational design approach and technical development expertise.

  • Efficiency Fast

    Increased Efficiency #

    FAQ deflection reduces volumes in other contact channels, speeds up query resolution times and alleviates strain on agents.

  • Always On Convert

    Always-on Service #

    24x7 support availability provides added convenience for customers and a smoother pattern of contact for traditional service support channels.

  • Satisfaction Like

    Improved User Satisfaction #

    Instant, helpful, responses, with no queuing, and access - via the user’s channel of choice - to FAQs and knowledge resources.

  • Report Growth

    Reports and Analytics #

    Identify bottlenecks, analyse patterns and use insights to improve support journeys and user experience

Some of our Digital Assistant Clients #

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What Our Clients Say! #

"The reason we chose Oracle is really because of the integration. The chatbot is now handling 40% of contacts and, to be honest, we have never dreamt of getting such an impressive rate so early! It’s a good customer experience."

Craig Boothe, Head of Enterprise Apps, Hermes

Ready to level up your service experience? #