Employee Experience Solution

Embrace the power of engaged employees!

Boxfusion’s Employee Experience Solution transforms the way organisations serve their employees by equipping them with self-service tools, streamlining day-to-day tasks, automating decision making, providing cross-department insights and fostering a culture of engagement, without ripping away legacy systems.

Employee Experience Solution

Features #

  • Search  Knowledge Base

    Knowledge Base #

    Enables employees to access context-based information, policies, onboarding assets, handbooks, FAQs via search and submit HR help desk tickets if they cannot find answers.

  • Conversational Chat

    Digital Assistant #

    A conversational chatbot routes employees to useful information in the knowledge base initiates processes and seamlessly hands over to an HR Advisor for the more complex queries.

  • Single Source Network

    Single Source of Truth #

    Delivers a single view of service experience and workflows across the workplace. Ensures employees, managers and HR service centres have a complete view of the employee lifecycle.

  • Third Party Integration

    Integrate with your legacy Systems #

    No need to rip and replace existing business systems that support HR processes. The Boxfusion employee experience solution builds on your existing solutions, enabling existing information to be surfaced on a single platform.

  • Intelligent

    Intelligent Decision Making #

    Empowers employees and automates personalised advice and forms at every touchpoint with Oracle’s specialist decision-making platform, Intelligent Advisor.

Benefits #

  • Efficiency Fast

    HR Productivity #

    Reduce HR workloads through automation

  • Like Engagement

    Increased Engagement #

    Through breaking down information siloes

  • Drop Reduction

    Cost Savings #

    Save by complementing existing solutions

  • Idea Innovation

    Enhanced Innovation #

    Deflect repetitive tasks to allow HR innovation

  • Like Satisfaction Loyalty

    Reduced Frustration #

    Simplified, self-service experience

  • Rapid Fast

    Rapid Implementation #

    Modular solution prioritises critical features

Business Impact #

Increase in 'first call' resolution
Decrease in ticket-backlog
Deflection of top FAQs
Self-service adoption rate

Learn more #

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