UX Design for creating superb Customer Experiences

Leverage user insights to realise the maximum value from your tech investment

Our modern lives are filled with immaculately crafted and frictionless digital experiences - from checking the news to paying the bills. Customers expect and demand the same standards from their online support experiences.

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What is User Experience (UX) Design? #

UX design takes a holistic and user-centric approach to building online experiences, taking into account every touchpoint a user has with the provider of a product or service. The objective of the process is to design a system that offers a great experience to its users, while ensuring the end result delivers on its business objectives. It embraces the theories of a number of disciplines, including visual design, psychology and statistics, alongside usability and accessibility.

The benefits of UX Design for CX project delivery #

  • Like Engagement

    Improved user adoption #

    Engaging and placing users at the centre of the discovery, design and testing of the solution, drives long-term user engagement with the solution

  • Lead Conversion

    Process standardisation #

    UX research can output clearly formulated mappings of processes and user journeys to drive process standardisation across teams or departments.

  • Idea Innovation

    Discover new insights #

    User analysis can offer novel findings on customer behaviour, allowing for a dynamic approach to project objectives and metrics in the light of detailed insights.

Full UX Design approach #

Boxfusion integrate many elements of user-centric design processes into our CX project delivery approach. However, we also perform dedicated User Experience work for customers, helping them to identify pain points and solutions for users. Our approach includes the following features. #

  • Advanced Knowledge Base

    User Research #

    We incorporate user research into most of our projects, but we also offer this as a standalone service. We conduct programmes of user interviews and ethnographic research to provide an in-depth picture of the experience your customers are receiving, and give recommendations on how your CX can improve.

  • Team Support

    Design Thinking Workshops #

    By bringing together stakeholder and user groups in collaborative design sessions, we can foster shared understanding and build deep empathy for users in the delivery team. We can then use those insights to map customer journeys and generate ideas to bring to life in interactive prototypes.

  • Customised Intuitive Design

    UI Design #

    The visual appeal of your product has a vital impact on users. Our expertise with Oracle’s CX suite allows us to tailor visual experiences to your requirements. We often work closely with our clients’ teams to ensure your customer experience is faithful to your brand’s identity, while ensuring the end result meets web accessibility standards.

  • Natural Language Processing

    User testing #

    Never leaving project success to chance, we test our ideas and solutions with real users - taking on user feedback to inform iteration and improvement from the earliest stages of design.

  • Data Insights

    Measuring success #

    Our focus is on meeting user needs, while achieving your core business objectives. We keep projects on-track by translating your aims into transparent usability metrics, which we apply at all stages of the design process - so you can see progress with every user test and iteration.

Learn more about UX #

If you'd like to understand more about how Boxfusion utilises UX Design processes and how it can help you, please get in touch.

Oracle Redwood UX #

Redwood combines industry-leading UX components, as the standard user interface across Oracle fusion applications and for use in custom development.