Oracle Fusion Sales

Optimise sales team productivity and maximise revenue potential

A next-gen sales solution, now based on an award-winning Redwood UI design framework, Fusion Sales helps businesses manage every stage of the sales cycle and transition to recurring easily to revenue models. This is all achieved with AI-driven automation, gold-standard data, optimised workflows, subscription-selling models and real-time analytics.

Oracle Sales Cloud Boxfusion

What is Oracle Fusion Sales? #

Part of the Fusion suite of applications, Oracle Fusion Sales now incorporates the Redwood experience in helping sales teams sell more and perform their day-to-day tasks faster and more efficiently. Sales Cloud’s streamlined user experience improves sales productivity by automating business processes and presents key data at the right time, leading to an increase in deal success. Embedded analytics give managers real-time insight into their team’s performance and sales goal attainment.

Implementation and Development Services #

Boxfusion is an award-winning Oracle CX Cloud implementor with a decade-long track record of helping global brands unify sales teams & processes with marketing, service and other key business functions.

Boxfusion have expertise in implementing Oracle Sales within the wider Fusion Enterprise suite (which covers ERP, HCM, SCM,..) and have deep specialist knowledge of the Fusion Sales domain.

We’re leaders in the implementation of Oracle’s “Next Gen” Redwood Sales experience and work with businesses to ensure their teams are benefitting from the most advanced user experience possible.

How Boxfusion Helps Sales Teams #

Leverage Oracle's Redwood Sales capabilities #

  • Automated Process

    Intelligent Sales Automation #

    Increase productivity with machine learning tools that guide teams through lead, opportunity and activity management. Take advantage of the engine which recommends the next best course of action, so reps spend more time on high value actions. Boxfusion helps organisations align sales strategy to individual's goals with territory modelling, quota management and incentive compensation plans.

  • Customised Intuitive Design

    Redwood Sales Migration #

    Powered by user-centred design thinking, the intuitive Oracle Redwood UI increases team productivity showing the right information at the right time. The conversational interface makes it easy to perform tasks and access data quickly.

    We're experts with migrating existing Fusion Sales customers to the Redwood experience - as well as helping businesses take advantage of Redwood's exciting capabilities.

  • Data Server Icon

    Customer Data Management (CDM) #

    Strive for gold-standard customer data by utilising processes to monitor, identify and automatically resolve duplicate records. External data source enrichment brings real-time buying insights and automated account signals.

    We understand customer data, how to keep it clean and specialise in designing processes that unify data from various business functions and applications.

  • Data Insights

    Real-time Reporting and Analytics #

    Sales teams gauge the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that matter the most with Oracle Sales Analytics. Every organisation's analytic needs are different - Boxfusion tailor and streamline dashboards and reports to the business roadmap and requirements. Reps have access on any device to in-depth customer insights, pattern analysis, deal tracking and consolidated performance stats.

  • Team Support

    Productivity & Collaboration Tools #

    Using MS Teams & Outlook add-ins, sales users can quickly update records in Sales Cloud without having to switch applications. Integration with Zoom means that new meeting invites are sent with conferencing details without any additional work required.

    The mobile application works offline, making selling on-the-go possible from any location.

  • Integration Adaptor

    Specialised Module Expertise #

    We understand critical customer pain points and recommend the right mix of services. Oracle Sales Cloud includes various specialised modules to enable comprehensive sales process management.

    We'll help with advice on Partner Relationship Management (PRM) for seamless channel collaboration, Oracle Configure Price Quote (CPQ), as well as subscription & contract management.

Business Impact #

  • Digital Connections

    Maximise Opportunity Deal Success #

    Know more about your customers, easily find the data you need and spend more time selling.

  • Customer Profile

    Holistic Customer Profile #

    Enrich your audience records by unifying back-office, CRM and third-party data.

  • Planning

    Effective Planning #

    Capitalise on reliable data and predictive forecasts to deliver optimal sales campaigns that exceed expectations.

  • Process Two Way Seamless

    Streamlined Processes #

    Rapidly onboard and familiarise your team and channel partners with sales processes & tailored training.

  • Icons Benefits Dark 300 Px

    Guided Selling #

    Sales Cloud guides sales teams to the best course of action with AI-enabled recommendations and “smart” lists to help focus on the right deals & customers.

  • Accurate On Target

    Accurate Performance Management #

    Impartially reward and incentivise your sales reps for their hard work by aligning their goals with strategy.

Explore Oracle Fusion Sales on Redwood Solution #

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