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Use Oracle Integration Cloud to build resilient, scalable, integration solutions for SaaS or on-premise applications, leveraging pre-built adaptors and process automation capability. Boxfusion works with Oracle Integration Cloud to accelerate our customers’ application connectivity. We focus on removing data siloes, delivering improved customer experience and business value - all with a significantly reduced cost of ownership.

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Seamless Integration and Migration #

Delivering complex enterprise-wide integration scenarios can be a frustrating and expensive process if managed poorly. Boxfusion helps businesses navigate that complexity with Oracle Integration Cloud using our expert architectural and implementation knowledge, ensuring your data is delivered securely, when and where your systems and users need it.

Whether REST, SOAP or newer protocols such as GraphQL, across in-house systems only or including systems of third parties in your value-chain, we will ensure you achieve the outcome you are looking for.

OIC Features #

  • Pre Built Adaptor

    Pre-Built Application Adapters #

    Kick-start your transformation goals with prebuilt connectors, supported adapters and out-of-the-box configurations. Boxfusion helps organisations utilise OIC's industry-leading real-time connectivity for any SaaS and on-premises applications.

  • Integration Automation Process

    Automated Process Management #

    Workflows and approvals can be built, automated, managed & monitored using an intuitive drag and drop interface. Boxfusion uses the advanced capabilities available in Oracle Process Cloud, to help customers with processes like approval flows (cross-application) or eligibility checks.

  • Third Party Integration

    Pain-free Enterprise Integration #

    With support for an ever expanding, wide range of protocols, with all the security you would expect from Oracle, OIC allows Boxfusion to support customers delivering complex integration scenarios combining Cloud and on-premise apps.

  • Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Vbcs

    Visual Builder (VBCS) #

    Deliver innovation faster by creating cloud-native applications that can be published instantly and accessed on any device, anytime. Boxfusion has helped many clients enrich their SaaS CX solutions with innovative customisations and extensions using Oracle Visual Builder.

  • Reporting Insights

    Monitor Performance #

    Access real-time metrics through dashboards embedded across business applications. End-to-end visibility into the health of your data flows helps you mitigate issues and identify any app-specific data gaps.

Benefits of Oracle Integration Cloud #

  • Rapid Fast

    Implementation Speed #

    Leverage dedicated app adapters and Boxfusion’s mature integration patterns, for rapid integration deployment

  • Feature Icon

    Future-Proofing #

    Built-in security and native adapters provide flexibility for future volume requirements

  • Support Service

    Managed Support #

    Achieve a lower cost of ownership with cloud-managed patching/backups

  • Satisfaction Like

    User-Friendly Interface #

    Intuitive user experience reduces onboarding time and increases adoption for technical teams

  • Versatile Agile

    Enhanced Agility #

    Use OIC to increase agility and reduce complexity, with even the most complex business architectures

  • Digital Connections

    End-to-end Digital Connections #

    Disparate applications can be easily connected to bring back-office insights to the front office

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What our customers say #

"Our partnership with Boxfusion means that we have the support we need to extract real, long term value from our investment in Oracle."

Wayne McDonald - Head of CRM, De Vere

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