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Influence Management for Senior Managers

Influence Management for Senior Managers has arrived!

Developed for the commercial market, it’s currently available as an extension to Oracle Siebel CRM using the latest UX and Siebel Open UI innovation strategies.

What is Influence Management? #

Influence Management is complementary to CRM, but they are not the same thing. Whereas CRM deals with the relationship between you and your end customers (a directly measurable financial interaction), Influence Management deals with the relationship with external stakeholders to enhance the business environment or achieve organisation policy objectives.

Siebel screens for influence management

Siebel screens for influence management

It’s not the salespeople or call centre staff that hold these relationships or responsibility. Instead, it’s the senior management team. Their time is a finite resource and Inference Management has been built from the ground up for the best Siebel UX in the market, driving efficiency and clarity.

Applying Influence Management: An example #

To better understand how Influence Management can work for an organisation let’s take a look at the complex scenario whereby a senior management team from a public regulator works with external stakeholders to regulate gambling, over the course of just two days.

Senior Managers at a government regulator
Senior Managers at a government regulator

For this organisation, their policies can be simplified as:

  • Objective 1: keep crime out of gambling
  • Objective 2: protect the vulnerable
Meetings between senior managers and external stakeholders over just 2 days
Meetings between senior managers and external stakeholders over just 2 days, tracking the meeting sentiment towards organisational objectives and relevant topics.

This oversimplified outline shows the variety of interactions and responses the executive team receives and the cross-over between them as they interact with external influences and stakeholders.

How Influence Management can help? #

A good Influence Management solution can empower those whose time is at a premium, giving senior managers visibility on the status of a policy with an influencer. It can also help identify, how their senior colleagues are progressing and the background to any forthcoming meetings. Finally, it helps executive teams coordinate and beware of these interactions so that they can adjust their strategy to achieve success.

On the whole, Influence Management allows a senior team to perform effective influence campaigning across external stakeholders.

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