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Integrating Oracle Sales Cloud with Siebel

This blog post briefly discusses and demonstrates how to create ‘loosely coupled’ integration between Siebel and Oracle Sales Cloud using Siebel Open UI portlets embedded in Sales Cloud.

We recently blogged about how Siebel Portlets can be used to create ‘loosely coupled’ integration between Siebel and Oracle Service Cloud. Here, we’re going to briefly demonstrate how the same can be done for Oracle Sales Cloud.

For this, we have used a single source of data in Siebel, instead of using the Virtual Business Component (VBC) approach discussed in our earlier blog. Siebel displays the service request records for a customer in the following way:


Fig. 1: Service Requests in Siebel

In Oracle Sales Cloud, the Open UI portlet is embedded into a Simplified UI page and Sales Cloud’s unique identifier for the account is passed in the URL string (allowing the Siebel data to be constrained by the account), which then provides a more elegant view:


Fig. 2: Service Requests in Oracle Sales Cloud

JavaScript and CSS were used to create the Siebel Portlet adhering to the Oracle Simplified UI design patterns, ensuring consistency with out-of-the-box Simplified UI pages in Sales Cloud. Users can now navigate between native Sales Cloud pages and custom pages showing Siebel data, without realising.

This simple approach shows how this kind of seamless integration between cloud and on-premise applications can be used to improve a user's experience, as well as saving them time and representing a cost effective alternative to traditional large-scale integration programmes.


Siebel Portlets are a new and exciting solution available with Siebel Open UI, that enables business logic and data held within Siebel to be rapidly exposed within other applications. Oracle Sales Cloud provides the flexibility to quickly and easily take advantage of this kind of functionality. With our loosely coupled integration extensions, we provide new opportunities to reduce the cost of integration and improve business agility, whilst leveraging historical investments in Siebel.

If you’d like to know more about Siebel Open UI or Oracle Sales Cloud and the expertise Boxfusion can provide, you can read about our Open UI consulting services or our Sales Cloud consulting services - otherwise, please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements!