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General Medical Council (GMC) Improves Stakeholder Relationships with Siebel Open UI Solution

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"The Boxfusion team understood our vision to create a modern, intuitive stakeholder relationship management system using Siebel Open UI, collaborated effectively with our business and internal teams, and were knowledgeable, professional and accommodating throughout. The system has been really well received, and lots of people are keen to use it."

Dan Robinson, Product Manager, GMC


The General Medical Council (GMC) is a medical regulatory body whose key responsibility is to ensure patient safety and improve medical practice and education across the UK. As a result of its critical role, the GMC interacts with over 250 stakeholders at the national level and a much higher number at local and regional levels.

Historically the organisation has captured these interactions in their CRM system and other disparate systems. As a result, the GMC did not have a single point of truth and correspondingly struggled to gain a clear picture of context, objectives, sentiment and outcomes across the stakeholder landscape.

Following a shift in corporate strategy, the GMC identified a key objective to drive improved stakeholder engagement, enabling the organisation to better understand its stakeholders and ensure meaningful dialogue at all touchpoints - and in turn, drive improved outcomes.

The GMC decided to roll out a Stakeholder Relationship Management capability that would overcome the existing challenges, while crucially ensuring it met the user-friendliness and speed-of-use required by end-users.

To support this, it developed a vision and UX design for a web application delivering an intuitive Stakeholder Relationship Management capability and engaged Boxfusion to help them realise that vision.

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To drive improved stakeholder relationships, the GMC needed to address the following challenges:

  • Lack of a simple overview of interactions and sentiment
  • Limited search capability hindering information discovery
  • Non-intuitive CRM interface resulting in slow and difficult data entry
  • Information stored in silos
  • Data duplication


The solution, built using Siebel Open UI and live in less than 6 months, provided for:

  • A single source of the truth, delivering a unified stakeholder view
  • A clean, modern and intuitive UI inspired by popular social networks
  • Improved context with curated subject lists, hashtags and pinned engagements
  • Fast and accurate global search capabilities across all areas of information
  • Rapid access to/entry of relevant data on the move, through mobile optimisation


  • Dramatically enhanced ability to manage stakeholder relationships
  • Rapid, organic user adoption, with new users proactively requesting system access
  • Significantly reduced onboarding effort - down to 40 minutes, from 1 day
  • Greater sense of ownership among GMC practitioners
  • Increased accountability and transparency


  • Siebel IP2015
  • Siebel Open UI
  • Oracle Database

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Effective stakeholder relationship management systems hinge on simplicity and ease of use. Boxfusion are expert in delivering highly usable user interfaces, over new and existing applications.

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