Oracle Modern Business Experience conference 2017

Boxfusion Consulting is proud to be sponsoring Oracle’s 2017 Modern Business Experience conference, where Andy Stevens (Delivery Director, Boxfusion Consulting) will present a session entitled, ‘Move from vision to success: Insights from real-world Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud projects’.

Oracle Modern Business Experience conference #

As businesses adopt a digital-first approach, the competitive landscape is changing. Customers expect more than they ever have before and technology allows them to experience increased flexibility in communication, personalisation, customisation, and to maintain a higher level of control. Therefore, a holistic view of CX is critical; all interactions - sales, marketing and service – now define a company’s brand and, ultimately, its success.

The Modern Business Experience will explore how to build a modern organisation that leverages actionable customer insights and delivers a great experience to its customers. It will shed light on how to:

  • Leverage the power of analytics, gain insights into customer behaviour and develop a new performance culture
  • Create targeted, relevant engaging content experiences across all digital and physical channels
  • Improve sales alignment and effectively manage incentive compensation.

If you haven’t already, you can register by clicking here.

Boxfusion’s theatre session #

Move from vision to success: Insights from real-world Oracle CX Cloud projects

Showcase Theatre for CX   | Day two | 12.10pm – 12.25pm

Recognising the need to digitally transform in order to remain competitive is essential in today’s age of the customer, but where should you start on turning this vision into a reality? In this session, Andy Stevens (Delivery Director, Boxfusion Consulting) will give attendees insights into the best practices gleaned from experience working with customers across industries. These quick-fire tips will enable firms to deliver rapid benefits in the business and to keep CX at the centre of their vision.

If you’d like to gain insight into one of our most successful CX Cloud integration projects that will be highlighted in this theatre session, you can read a little about the earlier phases of the Panasonic story online.

Meet us there: Booth 3 #

Boxfusion Consulting will have our own booth at the conference within the CX focus area, where we will be outlining our customer success stories in more detail and expanding on the key trends and opportunities that might affect your business. If you are attending, please feel free to come by and visit. Alternatively, if you would like to schedule a private meeting with us, either during the conference or at any other convenient time, please contact us.


More information #

At Boxfusion, we enable our clients to deliver a leading Customer Experience and take better business decisions through the provision of high-quality technical consultancy.

Having delivered successful CX projects for customers including Panasonic Manufacturing, Hermes, Kent Country Council and Birmingham Internal Airport, we have a particular expertise in enabling businesses to take full advantage of the leading Oracle CX Cloud suite. Supported by our strong capability in User Experience (a critical factor in the success of today’s digital touchpoints) and a deep understanding of the Oracle product roadmap, we are able to lead firms safely and securely through the journey to successful digital transformation.

To discuss your vision and how we can help you bring it to life successfully, please click here.