Oracle Webinar Why Conversational Interfaces Are Now A Must Have

Webinar: Why Conversational Interfaces Are Now a Must Have

Here's the webinar recording in case you missed it!

In a recent survey of over 150 decision-makers, Computing explored how conversational interfaces are adding value to digital initiatives. 63% of respondents said they’ve already implemented a Conversational User Interface, 94% are using a text-based solution, and 58% are using voice-based interaction.

Oracle Digital Assistant is recognised by analysts as one of the leading platforms to build Conversational User Interfaces. A wide range of organisations uses this platform to transform the customer and employee experience. Hermes, for instance, deployed Oracle Digital Assistant to provide superior customer service at lower costs while ensuring a secure integration between the virtual assistant and the Customer Service systems. Holly, the name of their virtual assistant, helps track and manage millions of parcels, takes care of 40% of customer enquiries, and reduces time on agent calls to three minutes.

Join us on May 5 to hear experts from Oracle, Peak Indicators and Boxfusion discuss the results of the Computing report. Discover the benefits of putting AI to work, the value of the conversational channel itself, and how many Conversational User Interfaces are already in place.

Watch the recorded webinar to learn how Oracle Digital Assistant enables the democratisation of information, security and intelligence to enable better experiences.

Agenda #

  • Welcome & Introductions
    Martijn De Grunt, Director, Digital Assistant, Oracle
  • Why Conversational Interfaces are now a must-have?
    Martijn De Grunt, Oracle
    Anthony Heljula, Technical Director, Peak Indicators
    Andy Stevens, Director, Boxfusion Consulting
  • Closing remarks

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