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We're delighted to launch the new Boxfusion brand identity!

The Boxfusion brand has changed...

A little over eight years ago, when Boxfusion Consulting was first founded, our offer was relatively straightforward. Back then, the Boxfusion brand encompassed a consultancy whose expertise lay in helping customers to get the most out of the Siebel CRM product. Our set of founding principles underpinned the all-important 'quality' aspect of our services.

It was a relatively simple message: we delivered high quality consultancy services with the Siebel product, through our deep technical expertise in the product, our “first time right” approach and – in the (very pleasing) words of our first customer – a genuine care for the success of our customers' projects.

Life was simpler back then.

However, as any new company would hope to do, we’ve evolved significantly in the intervening period. #

On the Siebel side, we’ve developed a unique differentiator - we bring UX skills to bear in transforming existing Siebel CRM systems into modern, user-friendly applications that are easy to use and above all extremely efficient. We are a global leader in this space.

Additionally, since 2012, we’ve been working heavily with Oracle CX Cloud. Initially a pioneer in the space, today the Boxfusion brand is a brand recognised as the "go to" for Oracle CX, having successfully delivered some of the most complex transformation projects in Europe.

And while working across many sectors, we have built a particularly deep level of expertise in several industries, enabling us to add particular value on our projects.

But while our offer has evolved, the existing design of our original brand and website has for a while constrained our ability to describe what we do, and what we stand for, clearly and concisely.

Consequently, last year we took the decision to refresh the Boxfusion brand. #

The result is today’s launch, and of course with a new site to match.

For our existing customers, there shall be no change in the service you receive from us, but we hope the new 'look' matches your perceptions of us. Under the covers, we remain the same Boxfusion that you’ve been working with for all these years.

For those interested in joining us, we hope that this rebrand brings clarity to our personality as a company. 

And finally, for prospective clients, we hope that we’re better able to get across what it is we do, what makes us different, and why we are well-placed to help you.

Chris Trueman & Andy Stevens #

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