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Maternity Assist launches - on Oracle Service Cloud!

This week saw the launch of ground-breaking new digital service in the maternity services sector, implemented by Boxfusion Consulting and using the Oracle Service Cloud platform.

This week saw the official launch of the new Maternity Assist service at Liverpool Women's Hospital in the UK - implemented by Boxfusion Consulting! This ground-breaking new service acts as a new channel of communication between midwives and the women they care for, via a multitude of digital, mobile and social touchpoints. The Maternity Assist concept was created by Professor Mary Steen and Duncan Fisher OBE, in response to the ever-increasing pressure on midwives in the UK National Health Service.

Luciana Berger talking about Maternity Assist

The new service has the backing of many leading figures in the sector, including the Shadow Minister for Public Health, Luciana Berger.

The solution was implemented by Boxfusion Consulting using our Healthcare Experience template which in turn is based on the Oracle Service Cloud (aka RightNow) technology, bringing cutting-edge Customer Experience (CX) best practices to the NHS.

The solution helps to address the concerns of all those involved in the cycle of healthcare experiences, including Healthcare Professionals and patients and their families.

Here are some of the key features of Oracle Service Cloud utilised in the new solution:

  • Dynamic searchable Knowledge Base - deflecting traffic away from midwives
  • Smart Assistant - directing users to existing content, rather than creating a new Incident
  • Leveraging outbound email campaigns to push out messages and notifications to mothers and family members at specific points in the pregnancy
  • Portal seamlessly integrated within Liverpool Women's Hospital website

We are proud to be involved in this fantastic initiative and you can learn more about our Maternity Assist Case Study here.