Introduction To Oracle Visual Builder Vbcs 1

A Beginner's Introduction to Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS)

You may not have heard of Oracle Visual Builder, as it’s had a difficult time standing out from the rest of the Oracle Cloud services. Making a mark has not been helped by its full name of Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS)

Visual Builder is Oracle’s PaaS (Platform as a service) software development platform, which enables you to create engaging and brand-consistent Web and Mobile applications straight from your browser. 

VBCS is what the Oracle Cloud has been missing to deal with the requirements, where organisations can’t make a compromise on meeting user experience (UX) demands. There are no gaps in what can be achieved with Visual Builder from engaging widgets, to customer-facing portals with high-quality aesthetics.

While we have been excited by the flexibility to meet every specification of great UI designs, one key advantage for Visual Builder is the extensive pre-built library of UI assets that can be simply dragged and dropped to rapidly build complete UIs. These standard components allow a uniform consistency between solutions where users are comfortable with the familiarity, meaning training is only required on the specificities of the business process rather than on the general interactions. 

Furthermore, if your needs require a close coupling of a solution to the device capabilities such as the camera or GPS, then you can enhance your solution with the capability of a progressive web application (PWA). This technology allows the solution developed in Oracle Visual Builder to be deployed as an app that is installed on the user’s device, iOS or Android, rather than running in the browser.

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You can also see a demo of the power of Oracle Visual Builder, here.