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Enhancing the employee experience: Oracle HR Helpdesk from Oracle Service Cloud

Oracle offers a flexible portal via it's Oracle HR Helpdesk solution, which opens up a world of convenience for employees and their HR department when it comes to case management and questions from employees.

Oracle HR Helpdesk - Boxfusion Solution

Boxfusion recently provided a brand new Oracle HR Helpdesk solution to a global media giant using Oracle Service Cloud (part of Oracle CX Cloud). Having completed this work, it felt like a great time to put something out there on the subject of the HR Helpdesk Portal and how to make the most of it as part of the wider employee experience (EX) space.

With all-new HR technology solutions today, it’s important that brands aim to provide a better, more consistent service to their employees. Some key goals might include achieving a solid net promoter score and improving your first contact resolution rate.

To ensure you’re offering the best possible HR experience, counting towards overall better EX, a self-service portal has the power to allow employees to efficiently resolve their questions and submit HR requests and form details. However, it’s important to remember that user experience (UX) should be at the forefront of the design process.

Feel at home by keeping things branded #

When logging into their portal, what should strike employees first is the feeling of familiarity through the use of refined branding. By carefully considering company brand guidelines, branding on the HR portal helps employees feel that instant personal connection, identifying with their new tool right away to promote positivity and buy-in.

The emphasis here is on incorporating familiar colours, images and styles that form the company’s brand into the portal, to build the sense of natural continuity for employees. The brand logo is utilised, while an independent HR portal name should be displayed prominently, neatly distinguishing it from a company’s main site.

Combining a professional, slick look and feel with the key requirement to enhance brand recognition enables us to increase employees’ comfort, confidence and enthusiasm for the portal.

Oracle HR Helpdesk - branded dashboard - Boxfusion

UX: Keeping it simple #

User experience should always be a primary concern when building an interactive portal. For some brands, this means reducing site complexity and keeping a super simple site map and navigation so that users can find their way around quickly.

Unnecessary pages which needlessly clutter up the site should be removed, while also prioritising a clean navigation. For example, a responsive navigation menu can be used to showcase vital information and links, allowing users to find their way instantly, even the first time.

Oracle HR Helpdesk portal - my requests

These plus a range of other essential UX principles lend themselves to a smooth, intuitive and enjoyable experience which will make employees happy they logged on!

Empowering employees to manage their own HR needs #

The HR Helpdesk portal in Oracle Service Cloud is such an effective tool due to the possibilities it unlocks for employees. Knowledge, eForm and HR request functionality add up to a comprehensive service giving employees the power to manage their own needs effectively.

The portal’s knowledge functionality, containing searchable employee materials and answers to employee questions, couldn’t be easier to use. A search bar on each page lets employees enter search terms to be taken to clear, filterable results for knowledge articles on the most common HR queries and policies. At the same time, large colourful homepage buttons link directly to articles filtered by category to allow a more browse-based search.

For those items which aren’t covered by knowledge content, dynamic, personalised eForms and easily categorised HR requests take the hassle out of employee HR engagements.

Oracle HR Helpdesk - e-Forms

Together these tools empower employees to answer their own questions or interact with HR in a matter of minutes - simple.

The whole HR package with Oracle HR Helpdesk #

The portal opens up a world of convenience, which, paired with a focus on UX and effective branding, culminates in a more enhanced employee experience and more enthusiastic buy-in.

Increased uptake means a larger number of requests deflected by the knowledge base as employees answer their own questions with ease, while self-service requests and eForms allow HR professionals to concentrate on providing the best possible HR service and overall EX.

If you’re interested in seeing what this could mean for your organisation - get in touch!

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