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How good CX healthchecks lead to great CX strategies

At one stage or another, all businesses will see their customer experience (CX) Cloud applications evolve as organisational processes and product/service portfolios mature. CX healthchecks play a vital part in ensuring that businesses don’t lose sight of the real value-add of their CX technology solutions.

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CX technology enhancements: Move with the times #

At the start of any new CX Cloud implementation, whether this be a single CX application or multiple applications i.e. Sales and Service within the CX application stack, organisations often look to implement a solution based on best practice, leveraging core out-of-the-box functionality to deliver a scalable business solution with minimal customisation.

Over time these guiding principles frequently fall by the wayside, as organisations extend the use of their CX Cloud applications with limited review as to how this is being implemented or where they can take advantage of underlying Oracle product enhancements. This impacts an organisation's ability to take advantage of new capabilities and functionality often leading to increased customisation of the underlying application and an increasingly complex upgrade path.

Keeping pace with technical enhancements is vital not only in ensuring an organisation takes full advantage of their CX application suite, but also in enabling them to leverage the opportunities for business improvements and process optimisation that these enhancements bring.

Set the foundations for your CX healthcheck #

With the right CX strategy review and healthcheck, organisations should be able to identify quick wins to bridge business gaps, address pain points and inefficiencies, and inputs into long term strategy plans.

Here’s a summary of our framework that will ensure all grounds are covered in terms of the technical and business requirements, whilst also focussing on the Oracle CX roadmap.

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Technical #

Our healthcheck runs across the full CX application and reviews areas not currently used to full capability.

Business #

An essential part of any healthcheck, our review will check your application usage, touchpoints and pain points.

Roadmap #

Finally, by making sure our client is fully aware of the Oracle roadmap, we encourage clients to identify any opportunities which can be leveraged from the CX Suite.

A CX healthcheck that empowers users and decision makers to drive change #

The strategic value of any well-delivered healthcheck will encompass the three core areas identified above in any review, ensuring that:

  • Business users are empowered and given a voice for their experiences and pain points;
  • Technical limitations are reviewed, and quick wins identified often mapping back to the wider business issues reported. This allows for the implementation of quick demonstrable benefits to the business;
  • Guidance is provided on long term strategic plans, considering both the Oracle roadmap and the future direction of the organisations business, enabling an organisation to develop a strategy which provides real value across their future state architecture.

    The value a business gains from CX Cloud is decided by how well it has been implemented. With the right approach to CX healthcheck and strategy reviews, organisations can gain a clear picture of their current application state alongside guidance to obtaining the most value from their application in both the short and long term.

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