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CrowdTwist: Oracle’s Customer Loyalty and Engagement Platform.

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Customer Loyalty and Engagement #

Like the best of friends, brands want to forge well-rounded, personal connections with their customers. After all, customer loyalty ensures sustainable growth and drives profits. This is one of the reasons loyalty programmes are an integral part of many businesses and account for more than 3.3 billion memberships in the United States alone. (HBR)

Customers now engage with brands across multiple touchpoints from in-store purchases, online transactions, email referrals and social media interactions. Brands want a full picture of these interactions and to use them in a meaningful way. Where a lot of loyalty programmes fall short is their inability to capture and analyse all of this data and convert it into decisions that form lasting customer loyalty.

Introducing Oracle CrowdTwist #

CrowdTwist is the leading loyalty platform and part of the Oracle CX portfolio. It captures data from customer engagements to tailor enriched customer profiles and deliver targeted campaigns. It goes beyond traditional point-based loyalty programmes to drive customer behaviours to convert them into advocates, increase profits and sustain growth.

A Tale of Two Brands #

Let us paint a picture to demonstrate its impact with an example of two imaginary brands, Refresh and FeelFine.

On one hand, we have Ian who is loyal to a new brand of water called Refresh. As the loyal customer he is, Ian engages with Refresh across multiple channels - he places orders multiple times a month, forwards their monthly newsletter to all his friends, and is dedicated to retweeting everything on their Twitter. I think you’d agree that Ian is the ideal customer and Refresh would love to keep him! The unfortunate thing is, the Marketing team at Refresh are only aware of Ian’s engagement, and he is therefore only rewarded, when he places orders.

On the other hand, we have Isla who is almost obsessed with FeelFine, a range of health and beauty products. Similar to Ian, Isla also interacts with her favourite brand in diverse ways. The major difference here is that Isla is recognised and rewarded for all these activities! Every time she retweets, forwards an email or buys a product, her customer loyalty score increases. And in case Isla doesn’t have enough points FeelFine allows her to pool points with family and friends to redeem rewards and access perks faster. Isla is happy because she gets more perks, and FeelFine are happy because this means more engagement, reach and sales for them. It’s a win-win situation!

Building Deep Connection #

Whilst these brands are imaginary to paint the picture of how different a customer experience can be, with Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement, taking an omnichannel view of customer loyalty allows you to build a full, 360-degree customer profile. This allows you to deepen connections and present your largest and most valuable customers with loyalty and reward programs specifically targeted to them.

Personalised Engagement #

As with all the great products and services offered by Oracle, you can customise programmes and customer retention strategies, create more engagement opportunities, and impact revenue. With CrowdTwist you can fuse out-of-the-box widgets with existing digital properties and still maintain your brand authenticity.

Having a loyalty program is great for both brands and customers, so it’s important to ensure they’re actually working and bringing about the desired results. With Oracle CrowdTwist, you can define brand, industry, and program-specific KPIs and create custom reports to evaluate your loyalty programs, member spend, and engagement behaviour. Using self-service business intelligence (BI) analytics and reporting, you can access data to inform your next marketing move. You can create custom dashboards and easy-to-read visuals and also set up automatic data exports, so you get what you need - when and where you want it.

Learn More #

If you want to learn more about Oracle CrowdTwist for Loyalty and Engagement, and how we can help you define an approach that fits your brand objectives and customer profile, please get in touch.

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