Oracle Service Cloud (aka RightNow CX Cloud Service) can be used to improve management of social interactions with customers. We explain how.

In the last few years Customer Service providers have identified social media monitoring as a key business strategy, used to identify, predict and respond to consumer behaviour. Recently there have been multiple studies on the impact of Social Customer Engagement. Most results highlight the trend that the social channel is growing in importance for organisations. See for example a recent report by Infosys showing that the level of consumer engagement with the average retailer on Facebook is comparable to the activity on the retailer’s website.

This growing number of customers turning to social channels for support and feedback has prioritised the need for organisations to have a presence on these channels and respond to queries appropriately. Additionally, as the number of social interactions increases, access to sophisticated tools to aid the management and routing of interactions across social channels will become invaluable to organisations serious about customer service. Thus, organisations need to have a more complete view of the customer and this can be accomplished by adding social to the more ‘traditional’ channels of contact management.

We will now analyse how Oracle RightNow Cloud Service can help you address these concerns.

Oracle RightNow Cloud Service provides a platform for organisations to keep track of customer issues which may have previously gone unnoticed on social channels. The Social Monitor enables organisations to listen in on and join conversations customers are having about their products and service across channels such as Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and YouTube. Furthermore, actions can be taken to automatically capture posts related to the organisation and determine how to address the customer's needs.

This way, RightNow Social Experience can enable organisations to increase their credibility and customer loyalty by delivering on brand promises through support and engagement, allowing for a consistent and seamless customer journey across all channels.

Create an Incident from the Social Monitor feed in Oracle Service Cloud Here is the Social Monitor (configured to monitor twitter), within the Oracle RightNow Cloud Service.

Below we point out how RightNow can be utilised to improve the management of social interactions with customers, in line with the industry best practises.

1) Categorise: Organisations need to extract relevant and actionable messages from customers’ social feeds to supplement the incidents coming through traditional channels. Therefore prior to bringing social content into RightNow, they should ensure rules are in place to group social interactions into categories, which could include: product, website, technical or service for example.

Categorise Incidents from the Social Monitor feed in Oracle Service Cloud RightNow has the capacity to build a product & category library up to 6 layers deep in order to categorise incidents specifically and efficiently. A disposition catalogue can also be built to categorise how incidents are resolved.

2) Route and queue: Based on the categorisation groups, interactions can then be sent to the most suitable agent to handle the request.

Route and Queue Incidents from the Social Monitor feed in Oracle Service Cloud Using business rules in RightNow, incidents can be routed to custom-built queues dependent on the product and/or category they have been assigned to. This ensures that the incident is assigned to the agent with expertise in that particular category.

3) Answer: Organisations should train agents with the types of response they believe to be most relevant for common queries, creating guidelines that help agents respond appropriately.

Answer Incidents from the Social Monitor feed in Oracle Service Cloud Agents can use the SmartAssistant feature to source a relevant solution to an incident in the knowledge Base. Alongside other features such as Standard Text, this allows for an efficient agent response.

Incidents can be created using the RightNow Social Monitor and responded to using a customised Agent Desktop Workspace. Additionally, RightNow can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook enabling the synchronisation of contacts, tasks and emails.

4) Escalate: In some instances social interactions will need to be completed in another channel, particularly where private details or booking information is required. RightNow Cloud Service enables you to leverage multi-channel interactions and log the details on the same incident record.

5) Store and manage: Similarly to interactions on traditional channels, social interactions should be recorded and where possible tied to a customer record.

Manage Incidents from the Social Monitor feed in Oracle Service Cloud Advanced reporting capabilities in RightNow allow incidents to be filtered and by aspects such as status, source and subject. Report schedules can be generated in order to send managers pdf copies on a daily/weekly basis.

6) Analyse: Post-interaction analysis is just as important for social media as with other channels. By using text analytics and natural language understanding, organisations can pinpoint trends to find common issues based on historical social communications and prevent issues from escalating.

Analyse Incidents from the Social Monitor feed in Oracle Service Cloud SmartSense can be used to analyse the "emotive rating of the end-user" by providing an estimate of the customers feedback based on the text submitted via the social feed. The screenshot displays a Social Monitor search for the term “Oracle Cloud World” across Twitter.

Oracle RightNow Cloud Service offers a solution for each stage of the social interaction management process allowing the organisation to provide a more rounded and integrated customer experience.

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