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What Makes Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) a Superior Chatbot Platform?

Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) #

Digital Assistants have shifted the connectivity paradigm in recent years by changing the way businesses interact with their customers, employers, and suppliers. Their increasing popularity is reflected in a recent Gartner study, which predicts enterprise adoption rates of the digital assistant/chatbots to reach 25% by 2021.

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed this adoption to the next level as businesses are facing poor customer service, increased downtime, and reduced budgets. Naturally, there are a plethora of chatbot development environments and conversational interfaces in the market, built to drive business efficiency and automate engagements. But none of them come close to offering the ‘holistic enterprise experience’ of Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA).

Read the full report to learn why Ovum has named Oracle a leader.

Introduced as Oracle Intelligent bots and relaunched in 2018 as Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA), it is the only multi-channel bot platform of its kind that offers cutting-edge features with 80+ back-end enterprise solutions. ODA boasts 4 key components of the Artificial Intelligence engine, natural language processing, digital channel configuration and real-time customer experience analytics, wrapped within an intuitive bot builder platform.

But its differences do not stop there. Here are three features that make Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA), a formidable enterprise chatbot platform that stands out from its industry counterparts.

1. Security #

Large enterprises are high-value targets for attackers, making data privacy and security their biggest priority. Oracle has an unrivalled reputation for its powerful preventive and detective security controls, which is the reason it holds a major portion of the world’s relational data.

Some of the key security features include:

  • Use of secure web socket for communication between messenger and servers in the cloud.
  • HTTPS enforcement on the hosting website to protect messages in transit.
  • Domain whitelisting, restricting domains allowed to access channel.
  • Information validation with JSON tokens to create messenger specific secrets.

2. Versatility #

One of the most eye-catching characteristics of ODA is its agility and versatility, where all elements and flows can be customised in rich details with Oracle Bot Mark-up Language (BotML).

Developers can add ‘skills-based-bots’ in Oracle applications such as Customer Experience Cloud, ERP, HCM and internal sales channels. Developers can leverage the pre-built skills from the ODA store and use accelerators and add-on bots dedicated to a specific task, from ordering goods, to service registration, to updating daily sales appointments and so much more.

ODA also offers a set of interaction components for end-use with Select and Pick controllers, quick response with Yes/No buttons as well as an image carousel option. These capabilities truly come to life, with ODA’s consistent branding and personalised interactions, that can represent a brand persona with conversational tone and visuals.

3. Integration #

If your organisation is running Oracle contracts for an application like CRM, Marketing, Sales, Financial, Supply, Procurement and Services, it just makes perfect sense to integrate your platforms with ODA.

ODA enables this integration with reduced lead time in a few clicks using Oracle’s JavaScript widget SDK to any web website and mobile platform. Users have the freedom to integrate with up to 80 applications, including popular messaging and voice assistant services such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and the list goes on.

Another example of ODA’s integration power is the ability to create custom components using REST services that connect bots to real-world web services. These components play a vital role in reading and writing from the bot payload, simplifying the creation of rich UI responses, supporting attachments, card layouts and location, as well as supporting developers in text message classification.

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