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What Makes Siebel IP2018 Different?

It’s been three months since the first Siebel IP2018 release and I’ve been getting a lot of questions around how its new features can be used in flexible, innovative ways.

New Release Model #

The good news is that IP2018 is breaking the typical Siebel all-in-one release tradition, whereby innovative features were packaged together into an annual release ‘big bang’. The frameworks that have been introduced will enable companies to move to a more manageable release model, the Continuous Release Model.

With monthly releases now on the cards (version numbers determined by the year and month of release e.g. 18.6, is the June 2018 update), new features are much more accessible to Siebel users. These releases are similar to the previous system of patch sets and may also include new, innovative elements as well as fixes. Occasionally these may require an IRM but 18.4, 18.5 and 18.6 do not.

This is made possible because of the wholesale changes in the Siebel structure that were introduced in IP17. Once a system is on IP17, it can be updated to releases IP18 and above without the need for a large-scale upgrade. This gives companies much more flexibility to develop, redefine and ultimately optimise their business processes, without the headaches and in a more agile way.

New Feature Highlights #

Here are some of the most exciting features you’ll see in IP2018:

  • Greater data visualisation including pre-built dashboards
  • New Siebel Object Manager data-aggregation engine to optimise performance
  • Rest API Enhancements
  • Office 365 Integration
  • Enhanced usability and agility for test automation
  • Usage Data Capture
  • Siebel Web Tools containing all features in Siebel Tools including a new View Designer

The Continuous Release Model enables companies to have greater flexibility when optimising their schedule with it's new, more manageable release model. IP2018, for example, will enable its users to take a strategic ‘data-first’ approach with greater data visualisation and a new data-aggregation engine.

We’re excited to be working with the new release model. If you’re thinking about working with the latest versions of Siebel, please contact us to help you unlock its full potential.

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