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CIMA: Delivering Exceptional CX with Siebel Open UI

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"By redeveloping our online Siebel services using Open UI, Boxfusion have helped us vastly improve usability and revolutionise our self-service offering. Boxfusion were instrumental in this project and their approach enabled us to leverage our existing Siebel investment, whilst giving us a platform for which to continue to improve our online services."

Shankar Sundarajan, Director of Strategic Programmes and Corporate Development, CIMA


CIMA strive to help businesses to succeed and drive real business results; improving the usability of their online services and bringing them in-line with today’s users’ expectations, is just part of their plans to help enable this. They wanted to improve the design of the Siebel portal on their website to support the expansion of their online services and start to adapt to the trend of ever increasing mobile website usage. They also wanted to ensure brand and customer-experience consistency throughout the CIMA website for a seamless experience, whilst also driving an increase in member self –service.

This project was looking to provide a platform for future growth and with Siebel underpinning it, a platform that enabled a strategy for co-existence with other applications including Oracle Cloud technology.

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The challenges

Overall CIMA wanted to improve the usability of their online services and address the main customer journey issues that their members were facing. The key challenges included:

  • CIMA members had to navigate through several different interfaces to complete one task.
  • Usability of the online services offered to CIMA members was confusing and needed to be brought into line with modern web users’ expectations
  • The pre-Open UI application in place previously was completely different to the rest of the CIMA website giving an inferior experience. CIMA weren’t able to report on their members’ website activity in order to be able to optimise their users’ journeys.

The Solution

The project saw Boxfusion use Siebel Open UI to create a ‘framework’ that CIMA can now use to extend and build future self-service requirements upon, ensuring a consistent look and feel, and reducing development time.

Boxfusion didn't simply ‘convert’ existing Siebel functionality to Open UI, but took advantage of the flexibility of the new technology to revolutionise the user interfaces, simplifying the layout and creating new ways to display data.

Crucially, the whole user experience has been standardised, using Siebel’s Open UI framework, so that interacting with the self-service system is totally familiar to users who have used CIMA’s website.

The results

Transforming CIMA’s online services with Siebel Open UI, has enabled them to improve customer satisfaction and drive real business results. It has given CIMA a platform to build upon - while protecting their historical investment in Siebel - and allows them to continue to grow their technology portfolio using a co-existence strategy with Siebel and their Cloud investments.

  • Increased levels of customer self service
  • Increased customer satisfaction levels
  • Reduced the cost of servicing customers
  • Increased customer insights
  • Ability to gain quantitative CSAT data
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