Digital Logistics Days

Digital Logistics Days 2022

Join us at BVL Digital Logistics Days on March 15, 2022, 12:15 – 01:15 PM GMT

With ever-increasing customer expectations of businesses, coupled with the need to handle the unexpected, companies need to ensure that their digital solutions can deliver outstanding experiences. Led by Boxfusion Director, Andy Stevens, this session identifies critical challenges faced by leaders in the logistics industry and shares considerations and tips to help them deliver outstanding customer experience in this climate, by unifying business functions, uncovering Insights and Improving Decision Making.

Topic #

Tips and insights for delivering an outstanding Customer Experience

Agenda #

  • Challenges of the Logistics Industry
  • Addressing the Logistics Data Gap
  • Threats and Opportunities for Customer Experience
  • What great CX looks like; joining Front and Back Office together
  • Case Study: A leading supply chain brand
  • Takeaways for CX Decision Makers
  • Question and Answers

Why attend Digital Logistics Days 2022? #

Digital Logistics Days 2022 is a three-day online conference that covers the latest developments, technologies and the most exciting innovations in Global Transport, Commerce & Delivery and Warehouse & Automation. In addition to the high-quality content of the conference, participants also have the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas with fellow logisticians, who are dealing with similar challenges.

About BVL #

Founded in 1978 in Bremen, Germany, The Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL) is an open network of people who actively advocate efficient cooperation in the globalised economy. Its core goal is to convey the importance of supply chain management and logistics - as well as to advance their application and development.

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