Elevating Service Experience with Enterprise UX

Enterprise UX Series-2nd Edition

Join us for the second edition of our Enterprise UX series, in collaboration with Oracle, where we delve into strategising optimising organisational functions through exceptional user experiences.

Customer service is the cornerstone of any successful business. When delivered efficiently, it fosters satisfaction; when executed poorly, it can lead to customer frustration and churn.

Our 2nd webinar aims to help you bolster customer effeciency and brand loyalty by providing outstanding personalised service experiences.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Creating a service design that delivers customer delight
  • Leveraging AI-powered chatbots and data analytics for 24/7 self-service
  • Tailoring targeted content and promotions to customer needs and preferences.
  • Utilising Oracle Fusion Service for, agent-assisted support, or field service operations

Who Should Attend:

  • Customer Service Professionals
  • UX Designers and Strategists
  • Marketing Leadership

Registration info coming soon

You can watch the first edition of our Enterprise UX Series here, which focussed on sales experience.