Oracle Open World – 2014!

Luis Figueira (Cloud Lead) and Andy Stevens (Delivery Director) will both be presenting at the key annual Oracle Open World conference.

This year, Boxfusion Consulting will be presenting at Open World! Luis Figueira (Cloud Lead) and Andy Stevens (Delivery Director) will both be presenting at the week-long event.

This is the third successive year, Boxfusion Consulting will be attending the key annual Oracle Open World conference, where important product announcements and demonstrations combine with the chance to catch up with former colleagues and contacts from the Industry.

Luis will be presenting on Oracle Service Cloud technology, specifically on how it has been used in Maternity care to improve engagement, collaboration and overall patient experiences. The session ‘Improving Maternal and Neonatal Health Outcomes by Engaging the Whole Family’ will focus on the UK NHS’s investment in creating an interactive portal and process to engage, educate, and support the extended family to help the journey to creating an exciting and great experience looking at Liverpool Women’s Hospital as a case study.

If you would like to find out more about the work we have done on Maternity Assist please visit our dedicated page here.

Andy will be presenting twice at Open World this year on both Oracle Sales Cloud and Siebel Open UI. The session ‘Oracle Sales Cloud Partner Panel: How to Migrate from Other SFA Applications’ will focus on the migration path to Oracle Sales Cloud for customers with on-premise CRM applications. This sesssion will draw on Boxfusion’s recent experience helping customers from Siebel SFA to Sales Cloud. It will focus on case study examples and real-business experiences to showcase the benefits, adoption roadmap, implementation approach and challenges that need to be addressed in the migration and transformation of sales force automation processes to Oracle Sales Cloud.

The Siebel Open UI session ‘How to Deliver Responsive Web Design with Siebel Open UI’ will focus on the benefits and features of Open UI, in particular responsive web design. Andy will speak about Boxfusion’s recent work in this area with a number of different clients, revealing the great power of the Open UI framework. This session will go on to provide an update on what Siebel Open UI has to offer your organisations and give you an insight into planned innovations that will provide your users with the flexibility to connect anytime, anywhere, and anyplace.

To find out more about Open UI please visit our recent blog posts on the business benefits it provides here.

If you would like more information about Open World itself please click here. You can also find some of our blog posts from previous years’ attendance at Open World here. Whilst we are at OOW we will be blogging about the presentations we attend so sign up to our blog to stay up-to-date!