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Siebel CRM Roadshow - Utrecht - 2016

Boxfusion Consulting are delighted to have been invited to attend Oracle's Siebel CRM roadshow in Utrecht!

This exciting 2 day event will enable customers, and some partners, from around EMEA to hear the latest functionality releases and roadmap for the Siebel CRM product. The event is expected to cover the following areas:

  • Siebel CRM roadmap
  • IP2016 recap
  • Oracle's powerful Integration Cloud Services offering
  • Oracle Policy Automation with Siebel
  • Customer success stories
  • IP2017 preview
  • "Siebel in the Cloud"
  • Visual Modelling Automation for Testing

Boxfusion will be in attendance to keep abreast of product and market developments. But also to discuss with Oracle, customers and other partners, our innovative approach to UX Design and process optimisation with Siebel Open UI. The insights gained from these events are always invaluable - helping us to inform our customers and deliver scalable, future-proof applications.