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OOW15 – A Look at Oracle Visual Analyzer

Continuing our week at Oracle OpenWorld, Tuesday and Wednesday we saw a number of Oracle BI/Analytics sessions, covering both current state and roadmap functionality. Undoubtedly the key highlight of these sessions was the Oracle Visual Analyzer, Oracle’s new agile BI visualisations solution – this product was repeatedly demonstrated across conference sessions, including the CX Keynote. Combining breath-taking visuals and simplicity of use, the Visual Analyzer is being baked into both Oracle BI Foundation and Oracle BI Cloud Service, and is also being exposed as a standalone Cloud service too (the Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service). Check out this blog post to find out more.

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A Look at BI Cloud Service Data Loading Options

Back in September 2014 Oracle released the Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS), a fully managed Business Intelligence environment on Oracle's cloud platform - Oracle's solution for bringing agile, self-service analytics to "everyone". In this post, we explore the multiple options for loading data into the BI Cloud Service from your on-premise applications.

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