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Service Cloud Upgrades support to PHP version 5.6.18

Oracle announced recently the PHP version included in the Customer Portal will also be upgraded, to version 5.6.18. PHP. We discuss some of these changes that are likely to have an effect on current the Service Cloud sites.

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Update on the Oracle Service Cloud Solution Roadmap 2014/2015 – Part 1: Customer Portals

This is the first of two blog posts, which give an overview of the intended strategic improvements for Service Cloud coming in the near future. This blog post will discuss a number of potential advances to the Customer Portal, including improvements to Virtual Assistant, Syndicated Widgets and Chat.

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Customised maps in Service Cloud Customer Portal

Oracle Service Cloud Customer Portal offers a variety of different enhancements to help improve customer experience. We have recently been looking at providing customised map widgets using Google Maps API to enhance the UX.

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