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Facebook Customer Engagement with Oracle Service Cloud

Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) Self Service for Facebook Cloud Service allows customers to access RightNow Knowledge Base content directly from a Facebook page.

As Paul Greenberg pointed out in “CRM at the Speed of Light”, customer service has focused too long on solving problems instead of engaging and developing relationships with customers in order to drive loyalty. The social media revolution has empowered organisations to get closer to their customers and resolve traditionally unsighted issues, gaining a more personalised opinion of how their brand is perceived in the process. Social channels offer customers a significant amount of freedom to spread the word about their frustrations with particular organisations, and many consumers choose to vent their dissatisfaction in this manner, as the following statistic from @NewVoiceMedia highlights:

“A study by New Voice Media found that 31% of people post online after they have a bad experience with an organisation”

In time, social media will become a primary form of communication for organisations to identify, manage,and act on information relevant to their customers. Again quoting Paul Greenberg, an effective social media program should include not only monitoring the sites (either via the use of social media monitoring applications or direct daily human monitoring) but there should also be an immediate response to the issue raised by a customer.

Many organisations are already responding to this need. According to a Gartner study, by 2016, 50 percent of large organisations will actively monitor social networks, and 30 percent of these will consider managing issues through social channels to be as essential as email and telephone services are today.

We blogged recently on how to manage these social interactions using Oracle Service Cloud.

Introducing the "RightNow Self Service for Facebook Cloud Service"

With over 728 million daily users Facebook cannot be ignored as a critical social media channel for organisations to both promote their brand and improve the customer experience from a service aspect. However, improving CX through social media need not only be limited to monitoring for and engaging with customer posts about the organisation's brands. If organisations can provide an effective method for their customers to raise queries, find solutions and engage with the organisation directly from social media without posting messages, brand dissatisfaction can be addressed before public-facing, potentially-abusive posts are even made.

As an organisation specialising in Customer Relationship Management applications, Oracle are constantly developing their cloud platforms to address the concerns and trends described above. As part of that ongoing commitment, Oracle introduced the RightNow Self Service for Facebook Cloud Service to empower customers with additional options to source the solution to their query within the organisation’s fan page, and to allow the organisation to monitor their wall for negative comments as well as prioritise/queue posts for response. This solution is designed to leverage and extend the core service and community functions of Oracle Service Cloud.

Oracle RightNow Self Service for Facebook Cloud Service allows customers to access RightNow Knowledge Base content directly from a Facebook page.

Oracle RightNow Self Service for Facebook Cloud Service allows customers to access RightNow Knowledge Base content directly from a Facebook page.

Organisations using the Oracle RightNow Self Service for Facebook Cloud Service application can provide their customers with 3 types of service:

  • Self-assisted Service: Customers can search and access the same content available in the knowledgebase and provide feedback on content by commenting on and rating answers.
  • Crowd-assisted Service: Customers can share their experiences with their Facebook network and participate in RightNow community discussions.
  • Agent-assisted Service: Customers can submit questions to the RightNow application directly from the Facebook page, or discuss their query with a Virtual Assistant, as well as view and update questions they have previously submitted.

These services complement other channels of resolution in Oracle Service Cloud, and ensure that the user experience is consistent across all forms of communication.

Key Benefits of the RightNow Self Service for Facebook Cloud Service

By incorporating a Facebook solution into their cross channel strategy, the organisation can respond to incidents efficiently on a platform that their consumers use on a daily basis, allowing them to provide a differentiated service. According to @InciteMC, 71% of consumers who experience a quick and effective brand response on social media are likely to recommend that brand to others, compared to just 19% of customers who do not receive a response.

Other benefits of using Oracle RightNow Self Service for Facebook Cloud Service include:

  • Responding to customer queries on Facebook is efficient and a low maintenance solution when used in tandem with the RightNow application.
  • Controlling what is posted on the organisation’s support page, by monitoring for abusive content, allows the organisation to portray their brand in a specific way.
  • Enabling customers to share experiences with their friends amplifies the organisation’s presence on Facebook.

Companies willing to put in the extra effort to engage with their customers in channels that they use daily may find other, perhaps unexpected, benefits, as noted by global Management Consulting firm Bain & Company:

“When companies engage and respond to customer service requests over social media, those customers end up spending 20% to 40% more with the company” @BainAlerts

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If enhancing the customer experience is a priority for your organisation, you can contact us here, read about our Oracle Service Cloud Services or call us now on +44 203Sales Cloud Specialized - Oracle Platinum Partner Logo 283 4315 to discuss how your organisation can benefit from using a social media-focussed CX suite such as Oracle RightNow.

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