Oracle Purchases LiveLOOK

Oracle has recently announced that they have signed an agreement to acquire leading co-browse technology firm LiveLOOK to strengthen its Oracle Service Cloud offering.

Oracle has recently announced that they have signed an agreement to acquire leading co-browse technology firm LiveLOOK to strengthen its Oracle Service Cloud offering.

The LiveLOOK cloud-based solution enables secure, instant-launch, mobile-friendly, co-browsing that creates an exceptional customer experience through connected real-time engagements. The user’s query can be solved effortlessly with one-click instant access to activate the screen-share, eliminating any time spent listening to complex verbal instructions.

ServiceCloud-LiveLOOKThe purchase of LiveLOOK enhances Oracle Service Cloud’s multi-channel customer service portfolio.

What is co-browse?

Co-browse allows end users additional customer service support when finding product information, resolving questions and making a purchase. The customer service agent is able to guide the end-user through previously complex processes or forms, by sharing the user’s screen and allowing both the agent and the user to joint-navigate through those processes.

During the co-browse session, the customer has the option to give the agent full control, view and point, or view only permissions to their browser/application window. Customers remain in control of their desktop/device and can terminate co-browse sharing at any time.

Shorter call handling times, increased first call resolution and higher customer satisfaction scores are some of the benefits attributed to implementing co-browse best-practices at a service oriented organisation. According to the Oracle Customer Service Impact Report by Bain & Company , “A customer is 4 times less likely to defect to a competitor if the service-related problem is handled effectively”. This statistic highlights the need for additional customer service features such as co-browse to be employed alongside live chat and the more traditional channels of resolution.

What does this mean for existing Service Cloud users?

Oracle have utilised the LiveLOOK solution since 2008 on the Service Cloud platform and have over 100 global customers using co-browse technology, allowing for the efficient management of web and mobile online engagements to improve customer satisfaction.

Although Oracle are currently reviewing the roadmap for LiveLOOK, Oracle Service Cloud customers could have access to advanced LiveLOOK features in the not too distant future as part of the quarterly upgrade programme.

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