Self Serve Employee Experience Solution

Embrace the power of engaged employees!

Boxfusion’s Employee Experience Solution transforms the way organisations serve their employees by equipping them with self-service tools, streamlining day-to-day tasks, automating decision making, providing cross-department insights and fostering a culture of engagement, without ripping away legacy systems.


Self Service Knowledge Base

Enables employees to access context-based information, policies, onboarding assets, handbooks, FAQs via search and submit HR help desk tickets if they cannot find answers.

Digital Assistant

A conversational chatbot routes employees to useful information in the knowledge base initiates processes and seamlessly hands over to an HR Advisor for the more complex queries.

Single Source of Truth

Delivers a single view of service experience and workflows across the workplace. Ensures employees, managers and HR service centres have a complete view of the employee lifecycle.

Intelligent Decision Making

Empowers employees and automates personalised advice and forms at every touchpoint with Oracle’s specialist decision-making platform, Intelligent Advisor.

Integrate with your legacy Systems

No need to rip and replace existing business systems that support HR processes. The Boxfusion employee experience solution builds on your existing solutions, enabling existing information to be surfaced on a single platform.


HR Productivity- reduce HR workloads through automation

Increased Engagement- through breaking down information siloes
Cost Savings- by complementing existing solutions

Enhanced Innovation- deflect repetitive tasks to allow HR innovation

Reduced Frustration- simplified, self-service experience

Rapid Implementation- modular solution prioritises critical features

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