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Siebel CRM Grand Tour 2018 - Utrecht

We're presenting at the launch of Oracle's Siebel CRM Grand Tour in Utrecht!

This event is the first of its kind focussed on Siebel UX and product developments, and is a refreshed take on the previously popular and successful Siebel CRM Roadshow series, comprising of visits from the Siebel CRM teams to prospects, integration partners and customers spread across over 30 cities around the world.

The event will shed light on latest trends in Siebel UX strategy development, the maturing product roadmap and a variety of customer success stories spanning a range of industries from telecomms to finance.

We're presenting on Siebel UX! #

Geraint Thomas (Siebel CRM Specialist, Boxfusion) will provide key insight into some of the most innovative Siebel UX techniques, helping companies uncover the hidden benefits of Siebel Open UI and how this can be tied into a brand's overall digital transformation strategy. He'll share examples from real customer success stories, which have enabled businesses to:

  • drive powerful UX that increases productivity
  • boost operational efficiency
  • deliver greater business value.

If you're attending and would like to discuss your business challenges or the ways Siebel UXcan be leveraged to enhance your business strategy, you can contact Geraint directly by clicking the button below.

Geraint Thomas
Siebel CRM Specialist, Boxfusion


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