Fusion Sales with Oracle Redwood UX

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Redwood Sales Experience with Boxfusion #

Unleash the full potential of fusion applications with Oracle Redwood UX

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    ​Oracle Fusion Sales #

    A next-gen sales solution, now based on an award-winning Redwood UI design framework, Fusion Sales helps businesses manage every stage of the sales cycle and transition to recurring easily to revenue models. This is all achieved with AI-driven automation, gold-standard data, optimised workflows, subscription-selling models and real-time analytics.

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    Oracle Redwood UX #

    Oracle’s award-winning design system & toolset for creating multi-device consumer-grade user experiences in the enterprise setting. Redwood combines industry-leading UX components, including conversational interfaces, data visualisations, AI/ML; across Oracle’s suite of front and back-office applications and for use in custom development.

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