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Enabling BI Publisher Auditing – Part 2

Your step by step guide to find out how to send logs to Oracle’s pre-built Auditing Services (AS) schemas.

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Enabling BI Publisher Auditing – Part 1

In this two-part blog post I will take you through the steps involved in enabling BI Publisher auditing. In the first part we will enable the basic BI Publisher auditing in which all statistics get written to a flat-file.

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Siebel and BI Publisher With LDAP/ADSI

A while ago we were asked to introduce Active Directory authentication into a Siebel 8.1 and BI Publisher 10g implementation. Enabling Siebel on ADSI is straightforward – the fundamentals haven’t really changed in the last ten years – but we were curious to find out whether there were any issues in getting BI Publisher up and running with Siebel on ADSI, and indeed whether – once we had it up and running – there would be any limitations on functionality.

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