BI Publisher 11g Training – RTF Templates

Course Overview:

Using the BI Publisher Desktop Plugin allows you to create fully-customized, Pixel-Perfect reports that can be based on your existing company document templates.

This hands-on course teaches you to create an RTF Template based on our sample employee data model. We take you step-by-step through the features of the MS Word BI Publisher Plug-in with exercises increasing in difficulty, building up to the creation of a whole RTF Template.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to XML
  • Brief course in XPath
  • MS Word Plugin Setup
  • BI Publisher Menu Breakdown
  • Loading Data
  • Previewing & Exploring Template Outputs in Different Formats including Powerpoint Slides, PDF, Excel, RTF.
  • Fields/ Placeholders
  • Repeated Groups (For-Each loops)
  • Creating Tables & Pivot Tables
  • Creating Graphs & Charts
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Conditional Regions
  • Formatting Dates
  • Creating and Calling Subtemplates
  • Subtemplates with Parameters
  • Using Choose statements
  • Displaying and formatting qualitative data

Target Audience: Report Developers

Course Length: 2 days

Prerequisites: We suggest taking the BI Publisher 11g Training – Data Models course prior to taking this course. BI Publisher data model knowledge is highly advantageous although not necessary, as we tailor the course according to your level of knowlegde by giving an overview of XML and XPath where necessary.

Contact us on +44 203 283 4315 or email to enquire about availability of this course.

We will shortly be offering an Advanced course for BI Publisher 11g RTF Templates, based upon a code bank created by our developers. This will include the use of Extended XSL-FO, XSLT & SQL functions, Variables and further conditional formatting tips.



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