Siebel Open UI Training Master Class

Now you can take advantage of Siebel Open UI training delivered by experts from the leading Siebel Open UI consultancy in EMEA! Our courses are led by consultants who have worked on Siebel Open UI projects at our customers, so you’ll learn not only the key development techniques for Open UI, but also the hints and tips that you’ll need out in the real world.

About Boxfusion’s Siebel Open UI Training Master Class

Siebel Open UI has transformed Siebel into a modern web application with a UI that can compete with any that exists on the web today. It breaks down the usability barriers that were previously imposed upon Siebel developers, enabling you to dramatically increase the productivity of your Siebel users.

The Boxfusion Siebel Open UI Master Class courses allow delegates to learn the skill sets needed to exploit the full potential of Siebel Open UI, to not only meet complex user requirements but also to better support usability and accessibility, and ultimately deliver real business benefits.

Delegates will be guided on understanding the latest best-practice approaches to Siebel Open UI development, enabling them to deliver impressive and maintainable solutions.

Course Outline:

In this hands-on course, you will learn the fundamentals of Siebel Open UI development, including relevant underlying JavaScript and jQuery concepts. We’ll also be showing you the key best-practices, enabling you to successfully get up and running with Siebel Open UI development.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Siebel Open UI
  • JavaScript & Object-Oriented Programming
  • JQuery
  • Understanding Open UI Core Concepts
    • Open UI Prototype
    • Open UI Manifest
    • Physical Renderer
    • Presentation Model
  • Developing Custom Open UI Themes
  • Debugging Approaches
  • Using Web Templates in Open UI Development
  • Advanced Open UI Development
    • Working with Google APIs
    • External plugins
    • Timelines
  • Open UI Responsive Design

Target Audience: Siebel Developers, Siebel Support staff and Siebel Architects.

Prerequisites: To achieve the maximum benefit from the Boxfusion Consulting Siebel Open UI Training delegates should be familiar with standard Siebel development practices. They should also be familiar with HTML and CSS. Familiarity with JavaScript and JQuery is not required.

Contact us on +44 203 283 4315 or email to enquire about availability of this course.

Custom Siebel Open UI Training Courses

If you are an organisation who wishes to train a team of people on Open UI, but wish to cover a different set of topics to those outlined in our Siebel Open UI Training Masterclass, we’d be very happy to work with you to create a custom training course.

To find out more contact us now on +44 203 283 4315 or email


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