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UX metrics for Siebel Open UI

UX metrics that are used for content rich websites are not relevant for Siebel. So what are relevant UX metrics for Siebel Open UI? In this post, we seek to highlight some example metrics that can be used as a basis for defining and driving a business case for your move to a redesigned user interface that leverages the full power of Siebel Open UI.

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Using Macros to improve productivity with Siebel Open UI

Using Siebel Open UI we have been able to develop a method which gives users the ability to capture their actions in a macro- allowing users to dramatically improve their productivity.

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5 Tips for Getting Started with Simplified UI in Oracle Sales Cloud Release 9

Based on our experiences with Simplified UI in Sales Cloud, we wanted to share 5 tips to help you get started!

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Loosely Coupling Siebel and Oracle Service Cloud

Siebel Portlets are an exciting new solution available with Siebel Open UI, that enables business logic and data held within Siebel to be rapidly exposed within other applications, such as Oracle Service Cloud.

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Bringing back the Shuttle Applet in Open UI

One of the first UI changes most of us noticed when we started using Open UI was the removal of shuttle applets in multi-value groups. Personally I quite liked the shuttle applet, so I set myself the challenge of figuring out how to bring back the shuttle applet in Open UI (IP2013). This blog explains how straightforward it was to achieve - and at the same time enhance the functionality further.

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What’s new in Oracle Sales Cloud Release 9?

Oracle has released details of the new additions to Oracle Sales Cloud, which will be available to customers towards the end of the year. We've been given early access to the release and wanted to share with you our findings as well as the improvements that we think will be most useful for customers to fully utilise Sales Cloud Release 9.

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Simple Siebel Usability Enhancement with Open UI

Using the screen space effectively and in general, simplifying the UI, can be a simple but key method of improving usability. In this post we will look at approaches to rapidly improve the usability of the Siebel CRM application by making the most of the available screen space. This is especially important if users are... Read more »

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5 Reasons to attend our ‘How to supercharge Siebel with Open UI’ event

Just in case you still need convincing that you can’t miss our latest event we have highlighted the 5 key reasons why you should attend. Our latest event brings together Siebel OpenUI experts from Boxfusion and Oracle to discuss and demonstrate how you can take full advantage of Open UI and its latest features.

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Rich Notifications with Siebel Open UI

Amongst the varied advantages which Siebel Open UI brings, one of the most compelling is the manner in which we can now leverage technologies such as HTML5 and JQuery to engage with users of the application in entirely new ways. We had the opportunity to showcase this ability recently at one of our clients, where... Read more »

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