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Oracle Service Cloud August 2014 Release

We are going to briefly outline what we feel are the key developments in the August 2014 release that will help your organisation enhance its Customer Experience through Oracle Service Cloud. 

Oracle have announced that the August 2014 version of Oracle Service Cloud is now available as part of the quarterly release programme. As usual there are multiple enhancements and some great new features.

In this post, we are going to briefly outline what we feel are the key developments in the August 2014 release that will help your organisation enhance its Customer Experience through Oracle Service Cloud.

OSN Integration for Incident Collaboration

Oracle Social Network (OSN) can now be integrated with the Agent Desktop, allowing agents to collaborate with other agents more efficiently to resolve customer queries.

Using the Incident Workspace, agents can create conversations to share details of their findings and post questions to other agents, in order to resolve the incident more efficiently.

Chat Advanced Routing

Enhancements to Chat advanced routing ensures that new chat requests will be routed to the agent with the fewest number of active chats. This enables the organisation to be confident that their agents are being used as efficiently as possible, as well as decreasing the average wait time for the end-user.

Cross-Site Email Management

It is now possible to send emails with incident information from one Service Cloud site to another. The incident will be updated appropriately on each site even if site-specific reference numbers are used for the same incident.

This feature could be especially useful for organisations that have multiple Service Cloud instances for different products or business areas.

Note that both sites would need to be running on the August 2014 version or greater to take advantage of this feature.

Tracking Transactional Survey Results by Agent

The Questions Sessions table has been modified to track which agent was assigned to the incident at the time the survey was sent, making the specified Account ID value available when reporting on survey results.

Processes can change the agent assignment at any point of the incident lifecycle, even after a transactional survey is sent, this enhancement ensures that the correct agent is assigned to the survey results.

And finally....

Oracle have also announced that they will be changing the product suite branding. Since Oracle purchased RightNow Technologies back in 2011, it has retained the RightNow CX branding for the software itself. However, as of the August 2014 release, Oracle RightNow CX will be referred to as Oracle Service Cloud in order to align the product with the rest of the CX Cloud suite (Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle Social Cloud).

We consider this to be a welcome change as for some time Oracle have been using both the Oracle Service Cloud and RightNow brands - a situation which has led to some confusion.

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