5 Reasons Why Siebel Is Still A Powerful Cx Solution

5 Reasons Why Siebel is Still a Powerful CX Solution (2020)

Siebel has powered the CRM of many of the world’s leading organisations for decades. New rivals had no chance at competing on platform depth. So they focused on Customer Experience but Oracle did not relent.

The use of Siebel by goliaths for complex business logic means it is easy to miss the CX capabilities. Some companies do not realise how powerful the tools are for major changes. We have seen our clients decimate the time taken for internal processes allowing them over 90% efficiency gains.

Check out our case study on Die Mobiliar for more detail.

Here are 5 key reasons you should consider enhancing your Siebel for customer experience:

Customisable themes #

You can have total control over your theme in Siebel. We can and have completely redesigned our clients’ applications to reflect their branding and values. We find clients can be anchored to small changes because of what they’ve seen before. Yet we can create whatever suits your user and business needs accessible from any browser or device.

The aim is to deliver the best CX experience possible to build the association between quality and your brand. We want your solution to stand out from the crowd.

Extensions #

Siebel allows the use of a massive number of third party applications and extensions. As Siebel uses a modern coding base, this can speed up build time significantly. This is not an application where you need to reinvent the wheel whenever you want to make a change. It can be simply a matter of knowing the right place to look.

The back-end foundation means there is near unlimited choice for third party applications. We often combine Oracle cloud services for the most impact. You can keep existing systems and blend them perfectly with Siebel. CTI and analytics can be used seamlessly to provide users with an intelligent experience.

Full control of your service #

Part of the virtue of Siebel is the total control you exercise over service and availability. Clients often want to test changes on a small group of users before rolling it out further. Siebel makes this easy and we have experience in gradually introducing changes to over 10,000 users. You can have completely different styles by region or business unit.

The recent versions of Siebel allow rapid deployment to production without downtime. This allows you to sample changes and collect real-time feedback from actual end-users. The system is yours without caveats whether you choose to host on-premise or on the cloud.

Mastery of your data #

We understand how important storing your data is for you and your users. Especially with GDPR regulation concerns. You can have top quality CX without compromising control here at all. We understand why you might not want your data stored on the cloud where you rely on others.

Siebel can function as the data master when you do want to use other cloud services. Some of our clients make use of Siebel in this way, syncing data with systems as diverse as Service Cloud, Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Fusion Financials. You can get the best of both worlds.

Innovative updates #

Let us cast out this myth once and for all. Siebel is not dead. Oracle has committed to another 10 years of new features and is reviewing every year. They have a comprehensive road-map of exciting new features coming. With the strength of Oracle, you invest in Siebel with no worries.

For example, new intuitive visualisations are coming soon with an effective automation engine. It will work out how your users move around the system and show them the key statistics for them. The mobile app will become even easier to customise for your needs. Oracle has exciting innovation throughout its cloud technologies such as natural language digital assistants. Integrating these will make Siebel an even greater joy to use in the future.

Recap #

Here are the 5 reasons you should consider Siebel for your CX needs.

  • Customisable themes  - No limits to how you can change the look and feel to match your branding.
  • Extensions -  Broad support with other products. Powerful features such as automated testing are included!
  • Full control of your service  -  You choose when and how you want to make changes.
  • Mastery of your data  - Unlike other platforms, you have total command over your data and its safety.
  • Innovative updates  -  Siebel is not dead! There are exciting updates planned for at least 10 years!

If you want to see examples of how Siebel can be used, here are some of our case studies: Die Mobiliar, CIMA and Influence Management.

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